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Magical Racing Racer RR Carbon Mirrors


Ships in 1-5 Business Days. 

MRacing mirrors are made to increase functionality and visibility. Featuring a lightweight and compact body, the carbon composite mirrors add style to any application. Featuring high quality, tinted anti-glare glass, the mirrors offer a much higher range of vision than most other mirrors. And with the stem and fittings machined out of aluminum, the mirrors are proven to be durable.


  • The MRacing Type 1 is the standard form of the racer replica mirror.Excellent visibility of the rear side.
  • Plain Weave Carbon has been woven alternately, and the pattern will resemble a checkered flag
  • High quality GSG over DP blue mirror glass, the glass is three dimensional and also features anti-glare and UV coating technologies.This offers a wider range of visibility over stock mirrors.
  • Machined aluminum "stem" portion, as well as other fittings. All anodized black, the hardware is durable and made to last.
  • Compatible with most mirror block off/base plates, the MRacing mirrors are sure to mount to most applications(Base plates sold separately)