J's Racing C304 Series Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems - 88-91 Civic CR-X (EF8)


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J's Racing is proud to present a stainless steel exhaust that provides excellent throttle response and an increase in power. The C304 exhaust systems are born from testing using their titanium, FX series exhausts. This straight shaped exhaust produces an unrestricted yet comfortable sound and the high pitch tone provided by stainless steel.

The C304 series is designed not only to make power through being a well flowing exhaust, but also through being a lightweight one. Using a main pipe made of 1.2mm of SUS304 stainless steel and flanges that are ultra thin yet durable, great weight reduction is achieved. Weighing much less than stock and cutting plenty of weight off the exhaust system, the C304 provides power in more ways than your typical exhaust.

The "dolphin tail" styled tip at the end is well polished and features a titanium-like blue burned finish, making it eye catching and unique. 

The set up the 60RS features 60mm diameter main pipe and center pipe. This piping diameter emphasizes middle and top end power without sacrificing torque in the low end. The increased torque delivers a big difference in throttle response.

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