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Cometic Head Gasket - B-Series LS/B20 VTEC

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Cometic Head Gaskets feature a unique Multi-Layer System (MLS) that has special high-temp materials that meet the demands of a variety of harsh sealing environments, load conditions and surface finishes.

Cometic Gasket has developed some of the highest performing gaskets available on the market that are proven under the most demanding track conditions. Cometic head gaskets are constructed from multiple layers of stainless steel for strength and excellent rebound characteristics. The outer layers are coated to create a superior corrosive-resistant seal that can withstand extreme cylinder pressures.

B-series engines this gasket applies to:

  • B18A/B w/VTEC head (GSR or B16/ITR head) 81.5mm bore / 0.30" thick
  • B20B/Z w/VTEC head (GSR or B16/ITR head) 84.5mm bore / 0.30" thick

For a completely stock bore LS/VTEC build please select 81.5mm. 
For a completely stock bore B20/VTEC build please select 84.5mm.

*When selecting a gasket bore size, it's highly recommended going .5mm over the actual bore size if bone stock or if the block has been re-sleeved.

There are more sizes offered than what is listed. If you are looking for a size that is more custom or not a "standard" sized head gasket, contact us for inquiries