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Here at Nemo's Garage, we are committed to helping you out with all aspects of your personal project. And with that said, we present to you our sales for Tax Season 2019. A great array of variety that touches on all aspects of the build you're working on and great assortment of parts that will help you achieve whatever is next for your Honda or Acura. In the middle of a K-Swap and need some finishing touches to get it fired up? Use our KSSENTIALS code for some hefty savings from the best K-Swap brands like K-Tuned, Hybrid Racing, Karcepts, and more! Or maybe you're trying to refresh your interior? Use WHEELDEAL or RAILORSEAT codes to add a new bucket seat or steering setup to your whip! Or maybe you just need some extra incentive to get those goods you've had your eyes on for awhile? Use codes like 50HONDATA, PCIGIFT, or SPOONBRELLA to receive a free gift card or Spoon Umbrella with qualifying purchases!

We at Nemos Garage are here to help make sure that this tax season, you get just as much return out of your car parts purchase as you do on your return itself! For any questions or further help needed, don't hesitate to send us an email or call and we would love to assist!

Here is a general breakdown of how each coupon code works so you can use them seamlessly. Keep in mind that each code is only good once per customer so make sure you maximize your order so you don't miss out on anything! But also know that you can use each of the 15 unique codes at least once, so don't hesitate to place multiple orders to grab everything you need!

WHEELDEAL: Receive a discount towards one steering hub of any brand and one steering wheel of any brand. Make sure both items are in your cart before applying the code.

SHIFTCOMBO: Receive a discount towards your choice of shifter, bushings, and shift knob. This is also active for K-Series shifters and you would substitute the bushings for shifter cables. For B-Series users, you can also swap out the shifter bushings for a linkage setup if you're after changing that instead! Once one of the items from all 3 categories is in your cart, apply it to see your savings!

AUTOROLL: Receive a discount towards any AutoPower rollbar configuration. Add any AutoPower rollbar to your cart and apply the code for the discount. Keep in mind that each AutoPower cage is currently 3-4 weeks for completion. If you are having trouble with shipping, please get in contact with us.

BRAKEFLUID: Complete your brake overhaul just in time for track season with 2 free bottles of brake fluid with any combination of the following 2 items: Big Brake Kits, Caliper Kits, Rotors, Brake Pads, or Brake lines. Fluids can be anything we list on our website such as MOTUL RBF600, Wilwood EXP, Endless RF-650, and more! Just make sure to have the 2 bottles of brake fluid in the cart and they will be marked down to FREE upon checkout

ENKEI10: Take 10% off a full set of Enkei wheels. From RPF1s to PF01s, make sure to have 4 wheels in your cart at checkout to take 10% off your next set of Enkei wheels.

MAGICAL10: Take 10% off your next set of Japanese mirrors from Magical Racing. For any configurations you do not see listed on the website, feel free to message us and we can still honor the 10% off! 

CLUTCHKIT: Take 10% off all Competition and Exedy Clutch/Flywheel combos. For promo to work, make sure to have both a flywheel and clutch in your cart. For customers trying to purchase a twin disc clutch that includes a flywheel, contact us and we can input the discount manually!

HORNDELETE: Buy any steering wheel any receive a free horn button delete from Aerogenics. Make sure to have the steering wheel and horn delete of choice in cart at checkout and the horn delete will go down to being free. Does not apply with users who also use the WHEELDEAL code.

RAILORSEAT: Buy any seat from brands like Bride, Recaro, Buddy Club, or more and take 20% off your seat rail. Don't need a seat rail? We can still offer up to $100 back on any seat purchase via a Nemos Garage giftcard! For users who wish to go this route, please contact us and we can input it manually.

50HONDATA: Buy any Hondata tuning solution or Traction Control assist and receive a free $50 dollar gift card from Nemos Garage! Cannot be applied towards your current purchase, but you will receive a code in your email for $50 off your next purchase! Make sure to add the gift card to your card for $50 to get the offer to work!

KSSENTIALS: Take 10% off most of the major items you will need for a current or future K-Swap! From axles and headers to cooling systems and wiring harnesses, take 10% off anything you may need for your K-Swap! Motor Mounts are not valid on this discount, but use MOUNTKIT15 to help out with any motor mount purchase!

SPOONBRELLA: Spend $500 dollars on any combination of goods from Spoon Sports and receive a free Spoon Umbrella! Whether you buy 100 stickers or 1 front lip, each $500 dollar Spoon Purchase qualifies! Make sure to have the umbrella in your cart at checkout. Total must be $500 or more before shipping

PCIGIFT: Spend $500 or more on any PCI Suspension products and get a $50 dollar giftcard towards your next purchase! Make sure the gift card is in your cart at check out and a code will be emailed to you for use during your next purchase! Purchase must be $500 or more before shipping.

KONIGROUND: Buy any set of Koni Yellow shocks and Ground Control sleeves and receive a full set of extended top hats for 50% off. Place both your shock and sleeve setup of choice in your cart as well as 2 pairs of top hats for the discount to be valid. 

MOUNTKIT15: Purchase any set of Innovative or Hasport mounts and take 15% off. Apply at checkout with the mount kit of choice in your cart and you will see the discount applied!