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Project Kics R26 Lug Nuts


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Introducing the latest in lug nut technology from Kics Project of Japan! Endorsed by Japanese race teams, these seven sided heptagonal lug nuts come in a complete set of 20 lugs along with a key. The unique feature of this patent pending lug nut is that each lug consist of 2 pieces, where the top of the lugs spin freely from the tapered centering ring. This ensures a much tighter and precise hold than traditional lug nuts. It also minimizes the chances of scratching your wheels. Made of lightweight composite materials, these open ended lugs fit on standard studs, while the R40 model is a good alternative for extended. The entire set weighs just under 2 lbs! Highly recommended for both street and track enthusiasts.

Please specify size.

M12 x 1.5mm application: Fits Hondas, Acuras, and most Toyotas, etc.
M12 x 1.25mm application: Fits Subarus, Nissans, etc.