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Wekfest Long Beach 2017

June 08, 2017

Photo credit goes to Misael Munguia of Nemos Garage All photos can be downloaded at:                It is a tell tale sign that “Show season” is in full effect when Wekfest Long Beach rolls around as it is right at the beginning of summer and regarded as one of the first major shows on the calendar. To most, Wekfest Long Beach is considered to be one of the crown jewels of the Southern California import communities car shows, as it brings out the best of the best from all realms of the car scene. There are no free passes to get into Wekfest either, and it isn’t a free for all where everyone with...

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Sponsored Car Spotlight - Adam Elghriany's 1999 Civic Type R

February 09, 2017

             Photos by Misa Munguia                        A lot can change in 20 years. From your dreams and aspirations to the crowd you associate with to the interests you share, it’s near guaranteed that who you were 20 years ago is not who you are today in at least more than one way. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, as sometimes the seeds you sow can prove to be life changing alterations that seemed like minor events at the time. When you apply this notion to Honda and Honda Motorsports as a whole, 20 years ago the seeds were planted to establish...

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Vtec Club Rd. 4 - Autumn Speed Festival

November 28, 2016

Photos by Misa @niftymisa and Angel @thatog_nemo. Words by Joe @charged_ and Angel.  As long-time supporters of the Vtec Club series there was no way we were going to miss the first Autumn Speed Festival. This was the first all-Honda event and although we love seeing all makes and models it was pretty damn cool seeing so many purose built Hondas at one event. This is actually the first Vtec Club event that we've shot and shared in a blog post. Looking back I'm not sure why we haven't been shooting and blogging since the beginning since we're out at most Vtec Club events to drive or hang anyway. Shooting added another dimension of fun to the event becuase it gave...

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The Chronicles Yr8 Meet

November 04, 2016

For years now Joey Lee's "The Chronicles Meet" has been a favorite for So Cal Honda guys. There are bigger shows/meets as far as quantity but I can confidently say this is annually THE gathering of the best quality Honda builds in California. It's a pretty intimate event and that's part of what makes it really cool. You usually know at least half of the guys there so it makes for a fun day of catching up and BS-ing with old friends. The dudes at Auto Fashion grace us with 90's hip hop all day, you drink that 6-pack of Modelo you and your co-pilot snuck in and life is good. This year the guys at Hybrid Racing decided to make the trip out from Louisiana to...

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